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  1. dreamers don't die

    I love you joshii!!!

  2. chizdawg

    a few seconds into the vid and i'm ALREADY TEARING UP AAAAAAHHHH I LOVE THESE 12 HUMANS SO MUCH

  3. Jeon Yeongo


  4. kwonsoonyoung, dang it y're you so precious

    “He’s kind of half plastic” 😂😂

  5. wonuUjiSELCAWHEN?

    100million in 2021?? Yes please let's make that possible!

  6. Mon Mon

    2:50 chann cutie smileee😍💛

  7. dreamers don't die

    Mingyu best boy.

  8. Rabiya Ahmad

    2:14 don’t mind me, just a replay button for me

  9. Sarah

    ngl all of them look sooooo finneee

  10. Sarah


  11. 김하늘


  12. wonho's donut shop


  13. wonho's donut shop

    57,923,707 (ALMOST 58M!!)

  14. Selinay


  15. dreamers don't die


  16. ᄋᄋ

    1:52 호시는 병뚜껑을 들고 "나가주세요"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ원우 좀만 빨리 했으면ㅋㅋㅋㄲㅂ

  17. lèo



    ME: laughing and crying at the same becoz of there cuteness 🤣😭🤣😭🤣

  19. Arundhuti Mukherjee

    If comfort was a song it would be Thanks

  20. 2020 Tang Tzeh Erng

    I have never played bungee jumping cos since I was young, I can't take this kind of vigorous activities

    1. 2020 Tang Tzeh Erng


  21. Rhells Potter

    love y'all

  22. ouji kun

    Dear gose staff please add english sub for all going seventeen video 🙏

  23. Liz Multi-fan

    [Intro: Wonwoo, S. Coups] I don‘t want to cry I don’t want to cry [Verse 1: Vernon, Hoshi] Because I love you, because saying I love you Isn’t enough, no matter what word I say Leaving me, who cherished only you Where did you go Did you go far away Because you didn’t like me any more [Pre-Chorus #1: Woozi, DK] Don’t play around, I know you’re there I feel like you’ll appear, so I wait aimlessly I need to go find you, go find you If I cry now, I might not be able to see you so [Chorus: Jun, Dino] I don‘t want to cry (Ay, Ay) I don‘t want to cry (Ay, Ay) Although I have a lot of tears (Ay, Ay) I don’t want to cry (Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay) [Verse 2: The 8, Jeonghan] This road that doesn’t seem unfamiliar, feels unfamiliar Asking me once again if this is a road I know of Could that person Be looking for me I’m looking for you right now [Pre-Chorus #2: Joshua, Seungkwan] Don’t play around, I know you’re there I feel like you’ll appear. so I wait aimlessly I need to go find you, go find you Tears are building up and start to blur (my vision) [Chorus: Hoshi, The 8] I don‘t want to cry (Ay, Ay) I don’t want to cry (Ay, Ay) Although I have a lot of tears (Ay, Ay) I don’t want to cry (Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay) [Bridge: Wonwoo, Mingyu] I’m okay (I’m not okay) I don‘t want to see you (I really want to see you) I have to say, say These lies that Don’t even come from my heart Because my heart won‘t listen to these words as I thought Come back, come back, come back When half of me is gone How can I live as one [Outro: All] (I don‘t want to cry) I don‘t want to cry (Hey, Ay, Hey) I don‘t want to cry (Ohh ouu-u, Ohh ouu-u, yeah) Although I have a lot of tears (Woah ouu-u, woah ouu-u, woah ouu-u, yeah x3) I don’t want to cry (Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay) I don‘t want to cry I don’t want to cry When we see each other again (Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay) I don’t want to cry

  24. S H

    0:10 싫은데~~

  25. Liz Multi-fan

    I love the song and choreography

  26. naomi

    i love how woozi is moral policing everyone saying if you ain't loyal you ain't shit 😂😂😂

  27. ouncee Zh;

    tmd我就不懂了 老公你真的怎么能帅成这样

  28. Taniya CJ

    Joshua Hong's veins... we see you.

  29. wonuUjiSELCAWHEN?

    Always thank you Seventeen ^^

  30. 하빵

    계속 머리 속에 생각남 노래 좋네

  31. naomi

    i didn't expect seungkwan to write 0 out of loyalty but out of the sheer will of wanting to win against Jeonghan 😂 but nope


    Bashers be bashing SEVENTEEN but way back 2017 they also joined and sang “ULgO sHIpJI aNa” lmao

  33. naomi

    if you didn't know the thirteen of them were one team, you'd think they're 3 different groups' subunits competing against one big capitalist boss

  34. caratchocoloveflavor

    25:57 Jeonghan kinilig

  35. Seventeenhh Army

    Absolutely loved these two episodes!! Can’t wait for the next one

  36. wonuUjiSELCAWHEN?

    3more million v17w Caratdeul after that we can really cry tears of happiness hehe but 200million is not the end, its the start to reach another million v17w!

  37. 17 carat

    This is such an amazing song it deserves so much more damn

  38. Nicole Serrano


  39. naomi

    The more I think about it the more `i'm relieved that Jeonghan is an idol and not running some transnational lobbying scheme... although that would've been a good alternative

  40. 얼마 정도 해요?

    민규가 쓴 칫솔 도겸이가 썼엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그리고 도겸이랑 슈아 서로 안길려고 햌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ😂😂

  41. 17 carat

    Whenever it all feels to heavy, i tend to go back here. Thx so much for singing , our seungkwan♡

  42. wonuUjiSELCAWHEN?

    Imagine how great his next danceology will be:")) always looking forward to his danceology!!

  43. Alex Ubalde

    im scared

  44. Arpana Limbu

    Never have I ever thought that while watching them I would see my country's flag 🇳🇵 Proud Nepali ❤

  45. Cha Kyeom

    and now they're mominated at bbmas!!

  46. wonho's donut shop


  47. Siota. Malifa

    ahh soo proud!!!!! this segment was real entertaining!

  48. se mo

    the voting for bbmas is on monday don't forget to vote!!

  49. Juliana Ignacio

    i remember when i’m just starting to stan them and i watched this, i thought shua’s name was jeon shua😭

  50. wonho's donut shop

    666,003 (7:54pm kst)

  51. Lia Kyaw

    It's my 4th times watching this and still didn't get the rules ...:))

  52. woonie patootie

    came back here to drop this. hahaha Hoshi really is the "DONT THINK ! FEEL!" type of guy 🤣😂


    아니 근데 뿌교수님 손목 괜찮으신지,,ㅠ 뭔가 혼자 웃으면서도 미안했다

  54. Carat Jeon


  55. Babycha A

    57M Let's keep streaming 💪💜

  56. caratchocoloveflavor

    Here because Jun said Vernon is half plastic 😅

  57. yuna

    dk’s subtle “because an empty car makes a lot of noise” took me out 😂

  58. Cielo Ji

    We can reach our goal if we're together. Carats, fighting!

  59. 최승철이라불러도 되는데?

    조회수 287만

  60. ni su

    제발 엔딩곡 기존에 사용하던 걸로 해주세요

  61. Ngân Ngô

    Honestly, I was only looking at the girl=))))) She is sooooooo cuteeeeeee I JUST CAN'T..

  62. Maria Billiona

    been watching for 1 min and my mind is already confused and messed up HAHAH the phasing is too fast that my eyes can't catch up with the subs as well as the members. Anyway, it's fun and I hope to discover more about them. I'm new to this ~

  63. aira nadhifa

    Kapan cb heh

  64. Ra Minji

    Hit sound hit hit song. Thats right Its song so hot ❤️🔥

  65. xu. kat

    Let's keep on streaming

  66. xu. kat

    I know we can do this. Fighting Carats

  67. xu. kat

    Pls stream harder. Let's reach 200m before their anniversary

  68. xu. kat


  69. zaty mior

    Scoup's best friend: Yoon Jeonghan. Cute

  70. 유유Chuuya

    I just want to give my appreciation for Wonwoo. This was very well made. We are proud of you. Its been 2 years since this was posted I know. But always remember that we love you

  71. 츠미키미캉

    우지형아는 늘 변함이 없져 귀여움ㅎㅎㅎ

  72. Mad Maxx

    They are naturally funny and genuine ♡

  73. bee

    hey besties see you in left & right mv :D two days until the voting starts for bbmas! don’t forget to vote for our boys, let’s win the title for them <3

  74. 伊涵

    the8 is cute brother

  75. 伊涵


  76. 伊涵


  77. Ashwin Mavadiya

    When I come here I feel like I m at home..